Happy New Year From Toshidama Gallery

Picasso, Minotaur MovingToshidama Gallery would like to wish all its visitors a very happy and prosperous New Year. We have been moving the gallery over the last two weeks and hence there have been fewer blog posts on this and our other site. We are glad to say that the disruption is at an end and we look forward to some new and exciting exhibitions for 2012.
Kunisada Detail
The current show is on until January the 20th and we urge readers to join the Newsletter subscription list and benefit from 10% discounts on all current prints. We open the 2012 season with a great exhibition of Kunisada’s later actor portraits. We are looking primarily at the best of his actor pictures from 1850 onwards. There are some earlier prints by way of contrast but the focus of the show is on his great series of fine and deluxe pictures from the latter part of his career. As usual, we will try to show prints for all budgets and there will be notable prints for sale in every format.

We will start this year’s posts on this site with a look at the work of the important contemporary artist Paul Morrisson and his relationship to woodblock prints of the ukiyo-e style. Our e-blogger site will look at formats in woodblock prints and how they affect composition. Once again Toshidama Gallery would like to thank all its visitors and readers from 2011 for their continued interest and best wishes for 2012.


About toshidama

Toshidama Gallery sells original nineteenth century Japanese woodblock prints. We source our prints from around the world and only stock original, authenticated works of museum quality.
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