Okubi-e at Toshidama Gallery


Kunichika, Nakamura Shikan IV as Kato Kiyomasa

We’ve just launched a fine new exhibition at the gallery celebrating a genre of portrait heads known as okubi-e. These fabulous prints are terribly rare and hugely collectible.  We’re showing three major okubi-e by Kunichika, including his masterpiece, Nakamura Shikan IV as Kato Kiyomasa (illustrated above).  Aside from the okubi-e, there are some phenomenal and shocking blood-encrusted Osaka School prints and some fine Kabuki triptychs.  The show runs throughout June and if you’re thinking of purchasing a print, why not subscribe to our mailing list and receive a 10% discount.

Our sister blog at Eblogger has an extended essay on okubi heads and dozens of articles on the history of Japanese woodblock prints, heroes, kabuki stars and much else.


About toshidama

Toshidama Gallery sells original nineteenth century Japanese woodblock prints. We source our prints from around the world and only stock original, authenticated works of museum quality.
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