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What’s in a Face – Burmester Curves and the Art of Osaka

I am out of my depth here, in enquiring into the mechanics and mathematics of the common French Curve or Burmester Curve. But some observations about their relationship to the work of Osaka printmaker Konishi Hirosada (ca 1810 – 1864) … Continue reading

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Before and After Hirosada

Hirosada, Kataoka Gado as Hayana Kanpei There is a clear division in the design and the feel of Osaka prints that occurs at around 1840. This is in part due to the hiatus caused by the notorious attempts by the … Continue reading

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Hair of the Dog… Japanese Hairstyling in History

Here is a really great Japanese woodblock print… it depicts an actor playing the role of Moriguchi Kuro, a hero from the great Japanese novel Hakkenden inu no soshi no uchi  (The Story of the Eight Dog Heroes). Everything about … Continue reading

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