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Mystery In Japanese Woodblock Prints

Kunichika, Nakamura Shikan as Tadanobu, 1867 It’s very easy, seeing these beautiful works of art every day at the gallery to forget that to most people, the subject matter, the technique, the imagery of Japanese prints is a mystery. Sitting … Continue reading

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Hiroshige, Modernism and Cezanne (print per day)

Hiroshige (1797-1858) Famous Places in the Eastern Capital (Toto no meisho): Shiba Shinmei Shrine, 1834 Recession… that’s the big challenge for the easel painter and especially the landscape painter. The painting is flat… the surface of the canvas is as … Continue reading

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Cezanne and Hokusai and the Mountainous Motif

Here are two great artists of the nineteenth century – innovators, visionaries and both of them artists of great influence. Both Hokusai and Cezanne have in different ways exerted huge influence over the course of art, certainly in the west … Continue reading

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…or maybe that should be prints in Gauguin…Japanese prints, that is. There’s a big show of Paul Gauguin’s paintings at the Tate Gallery in London this month. He’s a little overlooked compared to contemporaries such as Van Gogh so the … Continue reading

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