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Ukiyo-e Heroes

Film production company, Rivertime Entertainment wrote to us at the Toshidama Gallery recently, promoting their latest film. Ukiyo-e Heroes is an outstanding and generous piece of work. It documents the collaboration of David Bull, a modern woodblock carver, printer and … Continue reading

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Japanese Dragons, Shopkins and Superstition

Kuniaki II (active 1835 – 1888) Spring Colours: Lion Dancers at a Mansion, 1861. This triptych shows a group, probably Prince Genji, outside a house watching the good luck dragons during Sakura—Cherry Blossom Season. The Japanese call the lion dance … Continue reading

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Kunisada… Namazu and Giant Catfish

Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1865)  Ichikawa Danzo Subduing a Giant Catfish, c1820. Once again, Japan has been struck by a catastrophic earthquake. The mid-April quakes that hit the southern island of Kyushu, caused much devastation with at least 34 people thought to … Continue reading

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Toshidama… A Print per Day – Kunichika

Toyohara Kunichika (1835-1900) Thirty-six Good and Evil Beauties: Jigoku Dayu (Hell Courtesan) This Kunichika print of Jigoku Dayu shows her wearing a robe depicting Enma, the Japanese God of the underworld. Enma is not only the ruler but also the … Continue reading

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