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Japanese Prints on Drawing Matter

We have recently been asked to post an article on Japanese perspective on the excellent Drawing Matter website. For those of you unfamiliar with Drawing Matter, it is a creative organisation which explores the role of drawing in architectural thought … Continue reading

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Kunichika’s Perspectives on a Yoshiwara Tea-house

Here is a fascinating print by the great Meiji artist Toyoharu Kunichika. It is a big six sheet print and it shows an odd opened out box-like view of the interior of a big building. This building has an impossible … Continue reading

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Hiroshige, Modernism and Cezanne (print per day)

Hiroshige (1797-1858) Famous Places in the Eastern Capital (Toto no meisho): Shiba Shinmei Shrine, 1834 Recession… that’s the big challenge for the easel painter and especially the landscape painter. The painting is flat… the surface of the canvas is as … Continue reading

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Japan, Modernism and the Out-of-Town Store

It is a hard task to say definitively that this picture influenced this painting or this architect influenced this building. The strands and threads of art history are so entwined that the real story is often lost in the convenient … Continue reading

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Space – The Final Frontier: The Problem of Depth in Japanese Prints.

Critics and Art historians often refer to ‘space’ in a painting or a print. Prints are flat – so what do they mean by space? On a flat plane like a print, space is all illusory – like in a … Continue reading

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