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Escape in Japanese Woodblock Prints

It’s the function of art, isn’t it, to offer some escape… maybe to make a space to slip into that leaves aside the stresses and the anxieties of the now. That was certainly the intention of ukiyo-e… (Japanese woodblock prints) … Continue reading

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The Andon – There is a Light That Never Goes Out

There are lots of things that appear in Japanese prints which we pass over without comment or surprise. Ukiyo prints are very particular in their setting, both in contemporary scenes and in historical prints where (without the internet) artists were … Continue reading

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China and Japan – A Brief History of Conflict

The more than century-long territorial dispute between China and Japan has been in the news over the last few weeks, this time because of the disputed ownership of the tiny island chain which the Japanese call Senkaku and the Chinese … Continue reading

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2012 – The Olympics and Neck Wrestling

A little post to mark the occasion of the Olympic Games in London which start today. Sports don’t figure very highly in the art of Japan. In the west, we are accustomed to the body being worshipped for what it … Continue reading

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The Pachyderm in the Room – Kuniyoshi’s Elephant

The elephant has long presented artists of all genres with a problem. The elephant is exotic, clearly enormous and spectacular but in captivity it lacks the dynamism, the heroism that its reputation suggests. Very few artists have successfully represented the … Continue reading

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The Japanese Zodiac – Animals in Ukiyo-e

Eisen, Tiger in Bamboo The subject of the Japanese (Chinese) zodiac would take many hundreds of pages accurately to describe. It is a complex system of Buddhist symbolism, planetary observation and Imperial obeisance. The Japanese Zodiac and calendar were introduced … Continue reading

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