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Myths of the Stage… The Fantasy of Kabuki Woodblock Prints and Ziggy Stardust

Hirosada. Arashi Rikaku II as Nippon Daemon, 1852 Having just acquired some lithographic printed photographs of the actor, Onoe Kikugoro V, (Baiko), I was struck by how different the reality of the stage is when compared to the mystical… the … Continue reading

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Kunisada and Kunichika – Two Men of the Stage

Kunichika, The Gang of Five Coming Home like Wild Ducks What do most people know of kabuki? In the west, almost nothing. Modern kabuki occupies perhaps the same status as modern poetry in England: specialist and largely irrelevant. By looking … Continue reading

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David Bowie… Pop Goes Kabuki

Ukiyo-e artists have used kabuki, (traditional Japanese theatre) as subject matter for their woodblock prints more or less since its inception in the seventeenth century. David Bowie started experimenting with kabuki for his stage shows in 1973. By the time … Continue reading

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