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Kabuki All-Stars, #1 Jiraiya

During the current crisis, Toshidama Gallery will post a series of ‘playing card’  guides to the heroes and villains of the kabuki theatre, as depicted in the woodblock prints of the nineteenth century. Not very academic, but I hope that … Continue reading

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Sugoroku Magic – Shimidzu no Kwanja Yoshitaka

What a spendid rat! The magician riding along here is not Nikki Danjo – the great kabuki villain who transforms into a rat in order to steal a valuable scroll – this chap is Shimidzu no Kwanja Yoshitaka. He was … Continue reading

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Sugoroku Magic – The Ghost of Seigen

The picture above is the first detail in our series taken from the stunning supernatural Sugoroku board showing at the Toshidama Gallery. It is a sort of compendium  of ghosts, magicians, magic creatures and so on. This is the ‘last … Continue reading

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Magical Sugoroku

A sugoroku board that is a a good compendium of Japanese magicians and supernatural stories. Continue reading

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Magic in Japan – The Body of the People

In this case not necessarily the physical body – I’m thinking here of the cultural body and how that relates to the people. When we look at the extraordinary corpus of Japanese woodblock prints from the nineteenth century we are … Continue reading

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