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Ashiyuki and the Tsuzumi Drum

Ashiyuki (active 1813 – 1833) Nakamura Matsue III as Akoya in the Play Dan no Ura Kabuto Gunki, 1829 This lovely print… a rare and early Osaka triptych in oban format shows three actors (all male, despite appearances), the centre … Continue reading

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Foxy Ladies – Tamamo no mae and the Legend of Lady Kayo

I have written elsewhere about foxes and Japanese mythology. In popular myth, the fox in Japan is known as a mischievous spirit, ringing doorbells, sending telegrams and so on. There are other myths however in which the fox spirit is … Continue reading

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Magical Foxes Always Ring Twice

There is a curious story concerning the electrification of Japan and the introduction of the earliest telegraphic service in Japan in 1869. The story neatly shows the clash of the old, traditional values and superstitions and the resistance that many, … Continue reading

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