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The Utagawa Lineage in Japanese Prints

A Basic ‘Family Tree’ of the Utagawa School. The picture above is an over simplified ‘family tree’ of the principal individuals in the Utagawa School of Japanese woodblock print artists. Toshidama Gallery has a significant online presence and we are … Continue reading

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Hapless and Heroic – Men in Japanese Prints

Kuniyoshi, Yokoyama Daizo and Otaka Tonomo, 1848 It’s hard to escape archetypes when discussing culture, whether it’s the contemporary culture that one’s a part of or whether it’s looking at a painting in a museum, or a sculpture in a … Continue reading

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The Brilliance of the Osaka School

Kunikazu, Soga Monogatari For many years the brilliance of the Osaka School woodblock artists of Japan has been occluded by their more popular and populous Edo cousins from the Utagawa School in what is present day Tokyo. Happily the situation … Continue reading

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