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Kabuki All-Stars #3 Benkei

To download this Benkei Kabuki card as a PDF, click this link.

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Kuniyoshi to Yoshitoshi – Reviving the Warrior Tradition

The new show just open at Toshidama Gallery is on the subject of musha-e, or warrior prints.  With images from the earliest part of the nineteenth century, such as the Shuntei pictured left, to the masterful Yoshitoshi woodblock prints from … Continue reading

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Portraits of Sansho – Ichikawa Danjuro IX

Toshidama Gallery is currently showing some very fine Meiji woodblock prints amongst which are some extraordinary portraits of the Meiji era kabuki star Ichikawa Danjuro IX (1838 – 1903). Danjuro, probably more than any other actor, typifies our contemporary image … Continue reading

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Japan, Modernism and the Out-of-Town Store

It is a hard task to say definitively that this picture influenced this painting or this architect influenced this building. The strands and threads of art history are so entwined that the real story is often lost in the convenient … Continue reading

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