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Women of the Drowning World in Woodblock Prints.

Kunichika, The Hag of Adachi Moor. 1893 There are no pin-ups in nineteenth century Japanese prints. There aren’t any Odalisques, or Venuses departing the waves, (water cascading off cold, pert nipples); there aren’t any Susanna and the Elders or naked … Continue reading

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Male Tragedy in Japanese Woodblock Prints

Well, I guess that it’s deeply unfashionable right now to talk of the male struggle, the tragedy of the male and so on – there’s a contemporary trend to upbraid men for being… ‘pale, male and stale’. The fact is … Continue reading

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Dekiyo-e – The Horror, The Horror!

Alex Faulkner interviewed by Chris Bucklow. Alex Faulkner is the creative director of the Toshidama Gallery and an expert on nineteenth century Japanese prints. Alex is also a practising artist. Christopher Bucklow is an artist of international standing and an … Continue reading

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Ukiyo-e Artists of the Decadence at Toshidama Gallery

Hirosada, A Mirror of the Osaka Summer Festival, 1850 moral or cultural decline as characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury So runs the standard definition of decadence: a moral and cultural decline. It is a word habitually used … Continue reading

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Now you see it, Now you Can’t… Shunga at the British Museum

I guess that my first exposure to Japanese prints would have been in the 1970’s. At that time there was little or no interest in Japanese art in England. There was however a publishing frenzy on the subject of erotica. … Continue reading

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The Naked and the Nude

Sir Kenneth Clark opens his book The Nude, with the following phrase: The English language, with its elaborate generosity, distinguishes between the naked and the nude. To be naked is to be deprived of our clothes, and the word implies … Continue reading

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Techniques in Japanese Woodblock Prints III – Mica

Printing With Mica (Kirazuri) You may have come across Japanese prints which are described as having mica as a feature of a special or deluxe edition. There was a craze for mica prints in the late eighteenth century, most famously … Continue reading

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Bathers and Echoes in Japanese Prints and Beyond

As regular readers will know, reference, allusion and quotation are an embedded part of Japanese visual culture. Indeed, the Chazen Museum of Art, Wisconsin recently put on a blockbuster show on this very theme, Competition and Collaboration: Japanese Prints of … Continue reading

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Looking at Prints – Two Women and a Dog by Utagawa Toyohiro

What can we tell of this brush drawing by Toyohiro? The drawing tells us a great deal about the process of Japanese woodblock printing and raises questions which everyone has about authenticity and process. This drawing is from the early … Continue reading

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Japanese Shunga Prints – Art or Pornography?

It is the fashion, especially among connoisseurs, to make distinctions between erotica and pornography. However, it seems to me disingenuous to describe some images as pornographic and others as erotic when the distinction is only contextual or at least subjective. … Continue reading

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