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Kabuki & Sugoroku at Toshidama Gallery

Kabuki drama and therefore the woodblock prints that derive from the performances, are populated by Heroes and Villains. It is a simplistic view of the world, an escapism similar in many respects to the contemporary gaming that owes a great … Continue reading

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Michael Knigin – and a Yoshitaki

The picture above is by the American print artist, Michael Knigin. Michael Knigin was a native of New York, a Professor at the Pratt Graphic Centre in New York and co-owner of the Chiron Press where he worked with Andy … Continue reading

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Male Tragedy in Japanese Prints

Kunichika, The Tokaido Road Kabuki Theatre and Japanese Woodblock prints… the defining cultural artefacts of nineteenth century Japan. It’s hard to think of anything else which recounts the daily and national struggles of a people more than these two linked … Continue reading

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Japanese Prints and Their Place in the World – A Personal Appreciation by Alex Faulkner

Yoshitaki, Bando Hikosaburo and Arashi Rikan, 1850 It is five years since Toshidama Gallery made the decision to open an online, virtual exhibition space on the internet. In that time we have had nearly fifty dedicated and themed exhibitions, we … Continue reading

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Osaka Prints – How They Were Made

Kunikazu, Actors with Dice Hats There exists a document which is a first hand account of the entire process of the theatre artist’s work from stage rehearsal to the final production of the woodblock print. Written by Kawasake Kyosen, the … Continue reading

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Before and After Hirosada

Hirosada, Kataoka Gado as Hayana Kanpei There is a clear division in the design and the feel of Osaka prints that occurs at around 1840. This is in part due to the hiatus caused by the notorious attempts by the … Continue reading

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The Brilliance of the Osaka School

Kunikazu, Soga Monogatari For many years the brilliance of the Osaka School woodblock artists of Japan has been occluded by their more popular and populous Edo cousins from the Utagawa School in what is present day Tokyo. Happily the situation … Continue reading

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