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Kunichika’s Perspectives on a Yoshiwara Tea-house

Here is a fascinating print by the great Meiji artist Toyoharu Kunichika. It is a big six sheet print and it shows an odd opened out box-like view of the interior of a big building. This building has an impossible … Continue reading

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Onnagata – Gender in Kabuki and Japanese Prints

Kunichika, Scene from the Play ‘Ashiya Doman Ouchi Kagami’, 1881     We have written extensively on our gallery blogs about the onnagata – male kabuki actors who take female roles. There is something unique in the representations of gender … Continue reading

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Hirosada, Nakamura Utaemon in Act 6 of Seisuiki, 1851. I thought hard about the title of this selection of prints at the Toshidama Gallery this autumn. The prints we have chosen are all prints made in the city of Osaka … Continue reading

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How Come All These Japanese Prints Look The Same?

Kuniyoshi, Hanbei 1840 Kunisada, Hanbei 1840  We’re showing nine prints on this page, all of which seem to share something in common. In some of them the full height, man walking seems to be almost the same; in others a … Continue reading

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