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Japanese Portraiture and the Graven Image

I’m being a little disingenuous with the title of this piece… there’s an intended pun on gravure (from relief printing) and the idea of a graven image (something carved and to be worshipped) – the word is also used in … Continue reading

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Censorship and The Art of Woodblock

Kuniyoshi, 100 Ogura Poets: Shiragikumaru The last show in 2013 of Japanese prints at the Toshidama Gallery is a collection of fine works from the nineteenth century. The first part of the exhibition is devoted to the fine series, A … Continue reading

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Toshidama Gallery in Acne Paper

Toshidama Gallery is featured in the highly regarded Acne Paper magazine, issue 15, which is published this month. Gallery director Alex Faulkner is interviewed by film maker and writer Lisa Rovner about the role of onnagata in kabuki theatre and … Continue reading

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