We love the Japanese prints of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries… we love the stories, the plays, the myths and the legends. We set out with the intention of making the Toshidama Gallery as accessible and as easy to use as possible. We want to inform, and share what we love… and yes, we also want to sell. We only launched in October 2010 but we have videos and blogs, twitter and facebook pages to try and involve people in this majestic art-form. Please read the blog, visit the gallery, follow the links and maybe buy a print. Watch out for new exhibitions, greetings cards, Kabuki masks and lots more. Please leave a comment or follow us if you like what you see.

3 Responses to About

  1. skidone says:

    Hello Toshidama! This is great! Very insightful, when I first got into Ukiyo-e Art, I wish there was a site like yours around! I’ll definitely follow this! I have lots of books, but it’s nice to get some fresh new news and opinions, etc… thanks!

  2. artmoscow says:

    Hello guys, great blog! Thanks for stopping by and liking my Kuniyoshi post about the monk – it helped me to discover your fascinating site. All the best, and following you ever since ) Cheers!

  3. Penelope says:

    Thank you for posting so many informative articles.

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