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The Pachyderm in the Room – Kuniyoshi’s Elephant

The elephant has long presented artists of all genres with a problem. The elephant is exotic, clearly enormous and spectacular but in captivity it lacks the dynamism, the heroism that its reputation suggests. Very few artists have successfully represented the … Continue reading

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What to look for in a Japanese Print – Part II

If one were to ask what makes a Japanese woodblock print special or valuable or rare, it would be hard to come up with a single, definitive answer. There are some common factors, of which condition is predominant, but there … Continue reading

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The Japanese Zodiac – Animals in Ukiyo-e

Eisen, Tiger in Bamboo The subject of the Japanese (Chinese) zodiac would take many hundreds of pages accurately to describe. It is a complex system of Buddhist symbolism, planetary observation and Imperial obeisance. The Japanese Zodiac and calendar were introduced … Continue reading

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